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Lucca Botanical Garden

Orto botanico Lucca

The Botanical Garden of Lucca is one of the most fascinating and evocative places in the Tuscan city, an oasis of greenery and tranquility that is definitely worth a visit.

Located in Via del Giardino Botanico, 14, the garden was created in 1820, thanks to the initiative of the botanist Carlo Ludovico Salvioni.

The park is home to numerous plants and botanical species from all over the world, including some rare and particular ones. It covers an area of ​​about one and a half hectares, and is divided into various thematic sections, such as that of medicinal plants, that of tropical plants and that of succulent plants.

In addition to the naturalistic beauty, the Botanical Garden of Lucca also offers a rich program of events, such as exhibitions, educational workshops and guided tours, to learn curiosities and information about the flora present. Furthermore, it is possible to buy plants and seeds of some species present in the garden, to bring a piece of this enchanted place into your home.

In conclusion, if you are passionate about nature and plants, the Botanical Garden of Lucca is definitely a stop not to be missed. A real green oasis in the city, where you can spend a few hours in peace and discover the beauty of biodiversity.

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