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The heart of Lucca: what to see inside the walls

25th March 2021

The Walls of Lucca are one of the major attractions of the city and the region, second, as popularity, only to the tower of Pisa and the historical riches of Florence.

Thinking of Lucca instead we immediately think of its imposing walls, among the most majestic in Europe.

It is indeed a huge and evocative wall to see, how wonderful to live, thanks to the pedestrian street that runs around the perimeter, the panoramic view inside and outside the city and the beautiful and verdant ramparts.

The walls are also fascinating because they clearly demonstrate their purpose: to defend the city from any invader. If in the past it was an enemy army, today the walls of Lucca can perfectly keep away the stress of everyday life.

In fact, in the center you can feel a different air, more ancient and relaxed, lively as well as welcoming.

All tourists claim to be in love with the historic center of Lucca, which in addition to a magical atmosphere contains a series of historical riches of inestimable value.

Some historical monuments within the walls of Lucca

You could draw up a long list of places and monuments to see in the center of Lucca, just crossed the walls, which are, to be clear, themselves a monument to see absolutely.

We will try to list those that are absolutely unmissable for every lover of the history and beauty of our country.

Torre Guinigi, the vertical garden inside the walls of Lucca

Guinigi Tower, which you can also discover on our guide, is an unmissable attraction for every tourist passing through Lucca, even for a single day.

In fact, to enjoy the beautiful garden that rises on top of this medieval tower takes little time, even if once you arrive, you would not want to leave anymore.

Born from an intuition of the Guinigi in 1300, this tower proposed well in advance those that would have been renamed vertical gardens, with holm oaks and other plants that rise on top.

In addition to the charm of this garden at high altitude, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the center and outside the walls, on clear days you have an absolutely unparalleled view.

Chiesa di San Michele

In the heart of Lucca, in (Piazza) San Michele Square, stands a historic church among the most appreciated for its architecture and charm.

The origins of the church are ancient, dating back to the eighth century and has maintained over the years all its splendor, thanks to maintenance interventions always consistent with its historicity.

san michele lucca

In addition to the numerous works of art of great value preserved inside, the church stands out for some secrets visible only from certain locations of the city or under certain conditions of light.

An example is the Emerald of the Angel. In some particular conditions of light you can distinctly see a green glitter coming from one of the two statues, which according to legend would house an emerald, well embedded in his tunic.

Cathedral of San Martino

Lucca is also called the city of 100 churches, and not by chance. In fact, some of the wonders of the city are made up of these religious buildings, which fascinate with their architecture, the history that surrounds them and the wonders they guard.

mura di lucca

Inside the cathedral has been set up a museum that houses works, among others, by Jacopo della Quercia and Ghirlandaio, famous artists of 1400.

Inside the cathedral it is possible to admire a pipe organ of very high quality.

The original building dates back to the 6th century, and although over time it has undergone changes and expansions, it has retained an ancient charm.

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