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Visit Lucca: the Top Places

26th February 2021

What to visit in Lucca throughout the year? What are the best attractions in the city of the Walls?

Let’s discover all the secrets of this wonderful city in this guide offered by Bertolli Villas.


The historic center of Lucca is beautifully surrounded by the famous Lucca Walls, among the largest city walls in all of Europe.

The historic center can be reached in a 2-minute drive from the motorway exit, a 2-minute walk from the Lucca train station and is connected to all the main bus lines in the city, so getting to the center will never difficult.

Already seeing it from afar, surrounded by its walls, the historic center looks very fascinating.

You can immediately admire the great care of the environment and the vegetation on the walls that distinguishes the entire length.

Not surprisingly, the walls of Lucca are the first tourist attraction to enjoy as soon as you arrive in the center.


The walls of Lucca are an essential attraction for every tourist. If you wonder what to visit in Lucca and you will stay for a short time, that of the walls is definitely the first choice.

The citizens of Lucca themselves are very attached to this monument, which in addition to the beauty and secular charm manages to be an oasis of peace for the inhabitants of the center and the first suburbs, with its green spaces and the panoramic view of the whole city.

With a circumference of 4 km and 200 meters, they are one of the largest walls in all of Europe.

The walls as we know it today, at least in the structure, were built between 1500 and 1600, from an ancient project of the Republic of Lucca. Their main purpose was as a deterrent to protect the city.

Even today the structure is unchanged, and the walls are characterized, in addition to the size, by the defensive bulwarks, which today are in fact splendid gardens that are fully usable.

The walls are perfect for a romantic walk, for a ride in company, for children, bicycles or rickshaws, particular pedal cars particularly appreciated by tourists to make the turns of the walls.

The tour of the walls is a beautiful experience not to be missed if you are in Tuscany. You will not find shops or commercial activities, but only peace, relaxation and lots of greenery.

There are numerous slopes from which to access the center, here instead you will find many activities, refreshments and a more lively environment, which can be reached in a few steps.


Torre Guinigi is another of the very famous attractions in Lucca.

It is located in the center, and if you see it up close you do not notice its greatest peculiarity: the presence of trees, holm oaks to be precise, right on the top.

This was one of the first examples of a vertical garden in history, born in medieval times by the owners of the tower, the Guinigi.

The tower can be visited and of course it is a must. In addition to the beauty of the garden on top of a tower of over 40 meters, you can enjoy a unique breathtaking view, for a completely different perspective from the one enjoyed from the walls.


Palazzo Pfanner is another recommended destination within the walls, which allows you to visit a magnificent 17 century work in the round.

The garden is “textbook” from an architectural point of view, while the sumptuous palace impresses with the luxury of the rooms and the precious relics kept inside.

Palazzo Pfanner can be visited between April and November, if you happen to be in Lucca during this period you can’t miss it. If you want other travel tips for the months of March, April and May, read our article on spring holidays in Lucca.


Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is one of the best known and most popular squares in Lucca.

Originally the square was built to host local meetings, but with the passage of time a variety of activities have taken hold.

Today, the square is completely clear, and it is surrounded by houses and small businesses, especially restaurants.

The particular elliptical shape and a cross incision at the intersection of the 4 access doors are the major architectural features.

From a tourist point of view, the square is sought after, but at the same time always quiet and refined. An “aperitivo” or a dinner in Piazza Anfiteatro are a must for all passing tourists.


Leaving the walls, but remaining within the boundaries of the city of Lucca, it will be possible to enjoy many attractions that can be easily reached in a few minutes, sometimes even on foot or by bicycle.

We will also include in this section the major Villas of the neighboring municipalities, such as Capannori.

What to see in Lucca to better enjoy the closest surroundings of the city.


An excellent way to enjoy the nature of Lucca is to take a walk in the river park of the Serchio, a wild environment, but at the same time very well cared for and developing from the point of view of usability and tourism.

On the river park you can find many beaten paths excellent for a walk or for a mountain bike ride, and in summer it is easy to find bathers along the banks, in one of the many pebble beaches hidden by the vegetation.


Another attraction to enjoy in good weather is undoubtedly the Romanesque Nottolini aqueduct, particularly enjoyable near the park of the Golden Words.

The aqueduct was formerly used to supply water to the city center, while today it remains an important work of the architect Lorenzo Nottolini.

Le Parole d’oro is essentially a park, which corresponds to the origin of the aqueduct, famous for the small temple and the inscription in gold on stone that gives this place its particular name and mentions:

Carlo Ludovico Borbone duce, a very noble and august man, in the sixth year of his duchy provided to collect the waters from multiple sources and carry them more widely towards the city aqueducts with eternal movement

Translation from Latin

This park is very peaceful and very suitable for relaxing or trekking, to visit in the hottest months of the year also for the shelter from the sun it offers.


Villa Torrigiani is a spectacular building dating back to the sixteenth century, imposing and fascinating.

Complex and refined from an architectural point of view, it enjoys a vast and rich garden, which makes a visit to the villa an almost fairytale journey.

It is possible to visit the villa from March to November every day.


In the town of Marlia, a few kilometers from the center, we find the splendid La Badiola estate, which today is a company that produces excellent quality wines.

The main villa of this wonderful estate has its roots in the sixteenth century, and owes its name to none other than Luchino Visconti’s film The Innocent, which is home to a good number of films.

The visit to the company takes the form of the Wine Tour, dedicated to lovers of wine and typical Tuscan gastronomy.

You can enjoy the splendid setting of the estate drinking excellent wines and combining typical Lucca dishes, for a 360 ° experience.

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