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Marina di Vecchiano Beach

Acquedotto Nottolini

The Nottolini Aqueduct is a complex of water structures that extends for over 50 kilometers.

The aqueduct consists of a network of canals and aqueducts, some of which date back to the Roman and medieval periods.

The Nottolini Aqueduct was built by the famous Italian engineer Lorenzo Nottolini in 1837. It was designed to provide drinking water to the citizens of Lucca, as well as to supply an irrigation system for the surrounding countryside.

The network extends from Lucca to neighboring municipalities such as Villa Basilica, Pescia, and Capannori.

The Nottolini Aqueduct is a place of great tourist interest. Its structures, especially the wells, have been designed with different styles and materials that reflect the evolution of technology over the centuries.

Some structures include fountains, statues, and deity sculptures.

The Nottolini Aqueduct is an example of how engineering and architecture can be a driving force for the preservation of cultural heritage.

It has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been included among the sites of cultural interest by the Italian government.

It is one of the few aqueducts still in operation in Italy and represents one of the most important testimonies to the history of engineering.

Nearby structures


L’osteria del Parco

Piazzale Montioni, 2, 56019 Vecchiano PI

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