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Holidays in the countryside – the planning

31st August 2022

Holidays in the countryside are certainly among the most relaxing that can be organized. To do it at its best, however, it is necessary to consider several aspects, in order not to face unexpected difficulties.

Because those who are used to booking a 5-star hotel, who choose a full inclusive seaside residence, often do not consider some fundamental aspects of the countryside.

It is certainly not a problem of luxury and comfort, since a luxury holiday villa in the countryside can be equipped with every necessary service, but it is more about the approach to this environment.

So let’s look at some of the peculiarities of rural life.

Country clothes, for a comfortable holiday

In the countryside, you are much more exposed to the weather. In summer, in the city and also at the sea, the climate tends to be very hot, day and evening.

If you are in the open countryside, this is true in Tuscany as in the rest of Italy, it is possible that in the evening you need a nice sweater, even in the hottest months of the year.

Although the coolness is pleasant and welcome, missing a dress heavier than normal could be a problem.

There is of course a supply of swimsuits, because from May onwards, at Bertolli Villas and other luxury villas, you can enjoy a private pool without limits.

Light dresses, such as shorts and T-shirts, have also been essential since April. In fact on warmer days enjoy the garden or a hike in the old town will certainly be more pleasant with comfortable clothing.

Let’s not neglect the importance of footwear: walking and enjoying the surroundings of the hills, if you are in the countryside, is one of the introspective and relaxing experiences not to give up. And a good pair of sneakers or hiking shoes can not miss. Of course also slippers and flip-flops in the hot months, for a short walk or a nice relaxation by the pool.

So, in addition to any clothes for an elegant exit, there must be clothing that guarantees comfort and lightness.

Food, how to prepare in the country

Food side, in our holiday villa, there is a 100% equipped kitchen.

This allows you to prepare your own meals without any constraint. Of course, to get to the Superstore or the nearest typical grocery store, you will need to travel by car, and this is not always possible.

Therefore, preparing a good shopping to keep in the refrigerator for the time of the stay is the best idea.

With regard to local specialties, in Tuscany you will find an unparalleled offer. There are many typical products, especially in Lucca and the immediate surroundings.

Cold cuts and cheeses are local specialties. The Tuscan pecorino and the lardo di colonnata are just some of the delicacies that you can enjoy only in Tuscany.

The wines are another value and pride of the Tuscan tradition. Bolgheri, Chianti and other wonderful wines are among the most appreciated in the world, and in Tuscany you can enjoy the best quality at the right price.

However, to better enjoy a meal in an Italian countryside, you will need to organize your own pantry with all the typical ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

If bread, fruit and vegetables and better to buy them in a day, you can prepare a stock of eggs, cheese, legumes and some frozen ready to cook (some “artisanal” frozen pizzas are really good).

The rest will be up to your cooking skills!

At Bertolli Villas, you can ask for even more: chef service at home or a commission fee to have even more time to dedicate to yourself.

Arrange the outings

Another highlight is the organization of excursions.

You are in the open countryside and you should arrange visits to the city centre, the day at sea and so on in advance, to ensure that you get the most out of your time and enjoy every single day.

From Bertolli Villas, for example, you can get to the historic center of Lucca in 10 minutes. From there, take the motorway to Pisa, about 20 minutes. In a single day then enjoy two of the most popular Italian cities, with time for a quality dinner and a return in time to have a chat arrived at home.

Make a quick calculation of travel times and determine the time to be devoted to each stage so it is essential not to waste time doubling trips, which also increase stress.

Typical daily excursion in Tuscany

Here is a practical example of a summer trip to Tuscany that you can take in a single day.

Wake up at 8:00, a nice breakfast in the villa departure at 9:00 from Bertolli Villas in Lucca. Destination Livorno.

In Livorno you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and clear seas of Tuscany, arriving no later than 10, so an ideal time to enjoy the sea.

The surroundings of Cala Leone are perfect for enjoying a top quality sea experience, with several dining options and parking nearby. It is advisable not to arrive after 10 am to avoid too much crowding.

Between 12 and 13, after a quick shower on the beach, you can leave in the direction of Pisa. You will arrive in the center in less than half an hour.

Of course it will be time for a nice lunch, thanks to the time and the morning at the sea, which always puts a lot of appetite. In the center the choice is really wide, you can opt for a modern restaurant with fish specialties or a Tuscan tavern. The experience will be appreciated in all cases.

Despite the heat, the area of Piazza dei Miracoli is suitable for a trip even in the early afternoon. You can admire all the beautiful monuments, including the leaning tower.

If the day is not too muggy, you can proceed to an afternoon of shopping in Corso Italia, or continue in the beautiful old town with a stop in Piazza dei Cavalieri and surroundings.

It is advisable to return by 19 in Lucca (about 20 minutes of travel), to enjoy a fabulous aperitif in the center, on sunset. Continue with a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants active in the summer, a cocktail and close the evening with a walk in the center, always very alive and welcoming.

Once back home, you can say that you have lived a day full of discovery, relaxation and joy, limiting travel and stress to a minimum!

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