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Best historic Villas in Tuscany

30th July 2021

The historic villas in Tuscany are numerous and of great value, mostly concentrated between Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Versilia.

Let’s start the selection of the best historic villas with the fantastic Lucchesi residences.

The best historic villas in Lucca

Villa Torrigiani

We have already mentioned Villa Torrigiani as one of the most interesting Lucchesi attractions, moreover easily reachable from Bertolli Villas, in a few minutes by car.

Villa Torrigiani

This is an old residence dating back to the 16th century. It is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious in the city, enjoying a unique charm thanks to the grandeur and antiquity of the building.

The main building stands out from an architectural point of view for the rich decorative elements, for the precious materials, such as ancient gray stone and marble, used for arches, columns and statues.

The predominantly yellow coloring, the balustrade parapets and the serlianas, that is the type of arch above the columns, are original elements in the panorama of historic Italian villas, and make Villa Torrigiani one of the most particular and sought after < / strong> in Tuscany.

The garden is well-kept, large and particularly scenic. The great attention to detail, order and cleanliness of the park makes it a pleasant attraction to immerse yourself in during the summer.

tuscany historic villas

Fountains, statues and water features recall the typical nineteenth-century French gardens, and it is exactly in the nineteenth century that the garden was designed and built, still maintaining most of the original elements.

Villa Reale di Marlia

Another undoubtedly noteworthy villa in Lucca is Villa Reale , located in Marlia, as well as most of the historic luxury buildings in Lucca.

Of ancient origins, Villa Reale was owned by several illustrious local nobles, as well as by Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, sister of the famous Napoleon.

In 1800 the villa underwent important restorations , assuming the predominantly neoclassical style, which still remains today.

Thanks to the rich historical heritage and the splendid garden park, Villa Reale has become one of the major historical and cultural attractions of the province and beyond, attracting local and foreign tourists every year.

During the visit, it will be possible to enjoy the architecture and the classic design of the interiors , admire the furnishings and elements highlighted by the recent restorations that allow the villa to maintain the Renaissance spirit .

Best historic villas in Pisa

Villa Roncioni

Villa Roncioni has its roots in ancient times: a first building, although smaller than the present one, dates back to the late 1400 .

The context is that of San Giuliano Terme , a fraction of the Pisan area on the border with the Lucchesi territories, a place immersed in the green hills that divide the two provinces. < / p>

The main building of Villa Roncioni, which stands right at the foot of the hills, is as simple as it is majestic for how it looks on the outside.

The highly articulated internal rooms host frescoes and eighteenth-century works of extraordinary beauty , by artists of the caliber of Tempesti and Bacchini.

The park is also truly extraordinary, which in addition to a breathtaking garden, statues, fountains and artificial lakes , houses the bigattiera , a building in neo-Gothic style used in 1800 for the breeding of silkworms.

 historic Tuscan villas

Today it is possible to visit the villa thanks to the Cerratelli foundation, which boasts one of the largest collections of theatrical and cinematographic costumes , exhibited during visits to Villa Roncioni.

Villa di Corliano

Among the best historic villas in Tuscany, Villa di Corliano certainly deserves a place.

Also very old, dating back to the 15th century, it also shares the area with Villa Roncioni : it is located in San Giuliano, just south of the other villa.

The frescoes with a mythological theme that decorate the entrance to the villa were created at the end by Andrea Boscoli, and have the particularity of being each associated with a month of the calendar.

The great artistic value of the residence is noticed by nobles and personalities over time, who choose the Villa di Corliano as accommodation for periods of different duration.

The garden as we see it today is of nineteenth-century conception, it is carefully maintained in the face of the period residence hotel activities that include part of the villa.

Historic villas to visit in Florence

Dimora Da Vinci

Although not up to par with the other villas on the list from an architectural point of view, the house of Leonardo Da Vinci is definitely worth a visit if you are near Florence.

The genius was born and lived in this house in Anchiano , a hamlet of Vinci, from 1452 for the first 10 years of life, before moving to Florence.

historic villa leonardo da vinci

The rustic building is medium in size , set in a beautiful countryside setting, but the real peculiarity obviously lies in the history that accompanies it.

Inside the typical environments of the time have been recreated and one of the two sections is organized a beautiful exhibition with some works by Leonardo , which is lived with great pleasure, thanks also to the atmosphere of the place.

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