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Autumn holidays in Italy

9th November 2020

Why are autumn holidays in Italy so magical and special? Perhaps for the colors that the vegetation of the peninsula gives us, or for the cool and pleasant climate that accompanies the days, even the grayest and most suggestive ones.

In any case, Italy, especially Tuscany, knows how to give unexpected emotions autumn.

Lucca in autumn: ideal for your holidays

Holidays in Italy in the months of September, November and December are for those who want to live the experience of a true Italian living and get in touch with the nature and the change of colors.

Indeed, the colors that the countryside take on are truly wonderful, and Tuscany is perhaps the area that best offers from this point of view.

And even more specifically, we can point out “our” Lucca as one of the most fascinating cities to visit in autumn. The walls, the countryside, the events that make our province unique are so many, let’s try to discover a part of them!

The city of Lucca in autumn

The historic center, called “the city” by the people of Lucca, is on display in recent months thanks above all to the splendid walls.

Thanks to the manicured lawns and the splendid centuries-old trees, the via delle mura allows you to go around the city completely sheltered from city traffic, and enjoying a splendid view both towards the center and towards the outer part of the city, more modern, but always very attentive to tradition.

In less than an hour on foot you can take a complete tour to find yourself at the starting point, having admired the ramparts, intact in their ancient splendor, perhaps relaxing in the shade of a lime tree or having a coffee in one of the ancient historic restaurants of the walls.

In the real heart of the city, however, it is wonderful to walk in the secret streets formed by the ancient buildings, of a unique beauty both in the architecture and in the interior furnishings, where they are carefully preserved. Here you can find many activities ranging from the most traditional (ancient libraries, hotels, historic taverns) to the most modern cocktail bars, which blend into the streets of the center.

You then enter the large squares, such as the Amphitheater, San Michele or Piazza Napoleonte (Piazza Grande for the people of Lucca) which are home to monuments and churches of great importance.

During the autumn months, the climate is ideal for fully enjoying the ancient markets (often too hot in summer and cold in winter), often decorated with splendid markets of traditional objects. Also in autumn you can find antique book markets in different areas of the city.

The mild climate also allows you to enjoy the city during the evening hours, when, properly lit and showcasing a truly magical side of itself.

Events in Lucca in Autumn

Really many events in the province, but certainly one will be familiar to most: the Lucca Comics & Games (this year unfortunately will be only in digital version). This event is concentrated in 5/6 days between October and November, every year, and attracts a growing number of fans and more. These are truly days of great excitement in the city (the event is held entirely in the historic center) and they move the lives of citizens a lot!

Many village and traditional festivals can be found in Garfagnana, the whole valley loves historical re-enactments, festivals on typical products (excellent beers, chestnuts and mushrooms) that can be found at zero kilometer during these months.

Isola Santa medieval village, church, lake and Alpi Apuane mountains. Last sunbeam of the day. Garfagnana, Tuscany, Italy Europe

Versilia also offers several festivals, less known but still appreciated in recent years.

So, if you want to enjoy your autumn holidays in Italy now you know how you can do it!

If you are interested in enjoying this city during other months, discover the spring holidays in Lucca.

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